What is SEO in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is gradually emerging as the most preferred mode of marketing and promotion in today’s digitized world. SEO (stands for Search Engine Optimization) is merely a part of digital marketing, which targets at making your website rank naturally or organically on the search results page of a search engine. The higher your website ranks, the better your chances are of getting traffic and consequently, more client conversions for the product/service you are offering.

What is a Search Engine? Search Engine refers to nothing but a directory where you can search your requirements. In today’s era, we use the Google search engine (mostly) to find answers to our queries. Apart from Google, sites like Yahoo, Bing, AOL are the major search engines, although the percentage of people using these search engines is relatively less. Users of Bing still find issues with privacy and security which is a major low point with this search engine. No wonder people resort to using Google, which verifies your identity and does not have such security issues.

Each of these search engines has their own methodology of ranking and accordingly rank whatever is shown in their search results. This is done by the crawlers/bots they have in place who visit various websites and determine their place on the search results page in terms of original content and how popular these websites are and how many visits they have each day, i.e., how many people actually view their content.

Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of making the content of your website easily accessible by incorporating all that is essential, your website name, a suitable URL for your website that describes exactly what it is about and of course, content which someone visiting your website finds relevant and useful. Usage of meta tags and meta description is very important, and it cannot be stressed on enough. Your page design also matters a lot, whether it is more optimized for a desktop view or mobile view, keeping in mind the fact that many users are preferring the mobile mode for most of their tasks to get done.

SEO uses several strategies for getting your website ranked. You need to employ specific methodologies and strategies, which include- doing considerable research on the customer base you are targeting. You need to narrow down minute details of their life using data science. Knowing your target market, your target audience is truly essential for great SEO. You also need to ensure that your website is showing the exact content that your audience needs; if not, then at least the content displayed should be close to what they are looking for.

SEO is truly complex and has multiple facets to it. It is not something which can be learned on pen and paper within a few days. It is a matter of months, if not years, to learn SEO completely and that is only a part of digital marketing. Getting your website organically ranked using SEO takes time too.

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