Social media has become such a big part of our lives. You can find anything and everything on it from a food blog to a self-care blog. There is no limit to the amount of talent and creativity people are showing on this type of media.

Therefore, it is not surprising that people have also started to advertise their businesses on this platform. The copious amount of advertisements you see every day on Instagram is a big example of that. The marketing business has seen the increased number of views people get on their blogs just by advertising it on social media, which is the reason why there are many companies helping people in social media marketing these days. 

What is Social Media Marketing?

The term social media marketing (SMM) means to promote a product or service on a social media platform. The work of a person whose job lies in this department is to post about their product or business after every set interval in order to promote their brand. Even though it can be classified as a subset of digital marketing, SMM has started to become even more famous than e-marketing and digital marketing combined. Nowadays, most companies keep track of the engagement rates for their advertisements by using web analytics tools. In 2014, about 80% of the businesses of people all over the world added social media as a large part of their business.

Why SMM?

One of the reasons why SMM has started to expand at such a tremendous rate is that so many different kinds of audiences are addressed on a large platform like social media. They could be potential customers, sponsors, bloggers, journalists etc. It also allows different businesses and individuals to interact with each other, collaborate on business and just network in general. It gives them a semi-professional platform to socialize and make friends as well. Moreover, it gives them the benefit of keeping in touch with their followers. This way they can also judge how a new product or service of theirs has done in the market.

Even if this seems like an easy job, you have to have a good presence of mind for a job like this. There are cases when one post of the company gets less engagement than the previous one just because they were posted at different times. You need to study about when you think your audience is the most active. 

The different approaches in SMM

There are basically two types of approaches in SMM. The first is the active approach where direct advertisements are added to the platforms for promotion. These target very specific audiences and aim to get as much attention as possible. The other one is the passive approach where people post their reviews and thoughts about a product or service they used. Sometimes they are sponsored by the companies to do so. This has also been a very effective way for attracting audiences.

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